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Cicana.com does not have any ownership rights in LABELS’s Content.
After posting your Content on, through or in connection with the Services (Yousendit, Sendspace, Email Box, Eblaster, Promoter..etc) , you continue to retain any such rights that you may have in your Content, subject to the limited license that Cicana.com requires so that it can perform the Service for its DJs:

    1. By posting Content to the Website (Via Yousendit, Sendspace, Email Box), LABELS grants Cicana.com a limited worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid up, license to promote your content exclusively for professional DJs & Radios.

    2. This license does not grant Cicana.com the right to sell LABELS’s Content or otherwise distribute it outside of Cicana.com's Website or Services.
    3. Cicana.com will no longer promote any single files after 6 months as we are not a music library but we will keep on promoting your digipack until you decide to no longer promote it.
    4. Cicana.com is fully legal & will always respect all the primary Records Pool 's rules so that all the LABELS could  have an access to a live & direct audio chart system, feedbacks, statistics, radio spins, LABEL's name, Email contact & number phone.
    5. Cicana.com will never promote any files without authorization or license & we will always promote your files to DJS/RADIOS only.
    6. No Files or content are kept on our servers. Files are sent to us from LABELS and we can also provide hosting for their links. We act as a middle man between the above mentioned and DJs.
 We will never upload any content, as it is uploaded by the contents representative, as can be seen on the label upload page Music Submissions.
    7. Our Service is free, the monthly fees only cover expenses to maintain the website and in no means compensation for anything found on our site. All the content is uploaded by the labels and various artist for free to promote. The low fees just keep the site working and covers all bills associated with the site (Bandwith, webmastering, editing etc..).

    9.    Our service is not authorized for DJs inside European Union.

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