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CICANA.COM is a legitimate membership organisation providing working club, mobile, radio, college and mixshow DJs with access to promotional Vinyl, CDs & Digital Music Links (Audio/Video) from USA and international labels seeking exposure for their product in the worldwide market. (We do not host any digital files in our servers, we only redirect our members to all the external download links we receive from our partners (Sendspace, Mediafire, Yousendit)).

The organization is also an instrument of promotion, creating awareness on new and current tunes marketed by domestic and import recording labels to professional DJs. We distribute promotional Vinyls, CDs and Digital Links provided and authorized for distribution to our membership. Our DJs are responsible for feedback on each release they received. Moreover, they are compelled to submit a weekly playlist of current tunes they are programming. Every data collected from our DJs is complied and released to the labels, radio stations, retail outlets and the music consumers. Our Web site is the first web service which is able to provide an online live & direct urban chart.

CICANA.COM is serviced by the most independent, major and underground labels with all style of Urban Music. Most of the time we receive our exclusives straight from artists themselves. Finally Record labels we work with, receive the security of knowing their product is serviced to the right DJs that will supply exposure to the vast markets of music consumers.

CICANA.COM is also your one-stop radio promotions company designed to push your artist to that next level. We offer detailed promotional campaigns catering to the satellite, college, commercial, internet and mixshow radio communities. An important part of every artist release is your mp3 blast that will target major DJ's and industry tastemakers worldwide. Our mp3 blast campaign is designed to not only to reach radio DJ's, but to also reach key tastemakers in various markets worldwide. Where do you want your next record to be played? If you have a hot urban single that needs spins, CICANA.COM can work with you to get your artist exposure on every network.

CICANA.COM will not only expose your artist to the DJs who play the music, but can service your music personally to over 300 radio stations and mixshow DJs throughout the United States and International.
For additional help, contact the CICANA.COM Help Desk.

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